Recycle at work: recycling information for Tulane office & academic buildings

Uptown Campus

Paper:  We accept white paper, color paper, envelopes, folders, telephone books, newspapers and magazines.  On the uptown campus, custodians empty paper recycling bins in offices and place the paper in your building's Paper Recycling Toter. No books or food containers.  To request a recycling bin for your office please e-mail Cardboard boxes should be emptied of packing materials, flattened, and set next to your garbage can for pickup. 

Extra toters can be requested for large quantities of office paper, such as moves. You may also request assistance if your office has a large amount of cardboard resulting from a move or shipment. On the uptown campus, you can submit a request for this service through the Servicewave website.

Bottle & can collection containers are located on the outside grounds and in public spaces inside buildings throughout campus.   You can place plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and metal cans in these bins.  No glass, please!

On the uptown campus, Tulane Recycling provides free pick-up service for recycled electronics twice a month.  Click here for directions. Surplus furniture from Tulane offices can be brought to the Property Management office on Maple Street. Let them know you are coming by calling 865-5219.  You may also submit an IT to Facilities Services to have surplus furniture moved to Property Management. Collection boxes for printer cartridges and used books are located at 107 Richardson Building. If you would like to request a collection box for your office, send an email to

Downtown Campus

Single Stream recycling is now available in the Health Sciences Center buildings (exception 1555 Poydras, where Custodial Services are not provided by Tulane University.) All paper, plastic bottles, metal and aluminum cans, and paperboard (i.e. cereal boxes) can be placed together in recycling bins. Recycling bins in shared and public spaces, such as classrooms, copy and break rooms, will be emptied by custodians. There is no desk side service provided; individuals should bring their recyclables to the larger bins in copy rooms, break rooms, or to recycling collection toters.

For specific descriptions of recycling in each building, click here. Locations of Tidewater/SPHTM shared and public space recycling bins emptied by custodians are listed here.

For information on recycling in 1555 Poydras, visit the “Tenant’s Corner Files” of this 1515/1555 Poydras webpage.

Cardboard boxes should be emptied of packing materials, flattened, and set in hallways for pickup.

For any of the following services, contact Guido Salvatierra, Superintendent, Building Services at 988.7954 or
-- To request a large recycling container for office moves or clean-outs with a lot of recyclable waste
-- To request portable recycling bins and 55 gallon trash cans for special events. (For events that will need custodial services, please submit a work ticket.)
-- To request a recycling bin for your office or suggest a high traffic location for a recycling bin, email

Downtown Facilities Services provides pick-up services for computer recycling two days a month. Click here for directions.