Tulane Recycling: Frequently Asked Questions

I live off campus. How can I recycle?

If you live in a New Orleans house, or a building with four units or less, you can use the city’s curbside recycling program. Your house or apartment may already have a bin.  Look around your yard for a black container that looks like a smaller version of the city’s garbage cans and says “RECYCLABLES” on the top.  See the “Bigger Picture page on this site for details.

I live on campus. How can I recycle? What can I recycle?
Most residence halls have outdoor recycling stations where you can recycle aluminum cans, plastic (#1 and #2), cardboard, and paper (including newspaper, magazines, office paper and colored paper). Mayer, Willow, Wall, Greenbaum, and Weatherhead have a recycling/trash room on each floor.

What happened to recycling glass?
Our local recycling sorting facilities do not want glass mixed in with other recyclables. There are a few drop-off locations that accept a limited amount of glass. The Tulane Glass Studio accepts clear glass in a collection area between the Woldenberg Art Center and Caroline Richardson Hall. Signs at the site will tell you if they need glass or if they are full.

Can I recycle plastic bags?
Currently, only plastics #1 and #2 can be recycled. However, if you have plastic bags, reuse them as trash bags or to carry things from one place to another!