Tulane Recycling: Frequently Asked Questions

I live off campus. How can I recycle?

If you live in a New Orleans house, or a building with four units or less, you can use the city’s curbside recycling program. Your house or apartment may already have a bin.  Look around your yard for a black container that looks like a smaller version of the city’s garbage cans and says “RECYCLABLES” on the top.  See the “Bigger Picture page on this site for details.

I live on campus. How can I recycle? What can I recycle?
Most residence halls have outdoor recycling stations where you can recycle aluminum cans, plastic (#1 and #2), cardboard, and paper (including newspaper, magazines, office paper and colored paper). Mayer, Willow, Wall, Greenbaum, and Weatherhead have a recycling/trash room on each floor.

What happened to recycling glass?
We no longer have a place that will take our glass.  The Tulane Glass Studio, which used our recycled glass, was overwhelmed by contributions of glass from the residence halls and the larger community. Even nationally, glass is becoming an increasingly difficult material to recycle. We need some local entrepreneurs to create some good uses for it!

Can I recycle plastic bags?
Currently, only plastics #1 and #2 can be recycled. However, if you have plastic bags, reuse them as trash bags or to carry things from one place to another!